Real-Time Customer Feedback

Do you really know what your customers think about their experience?
What are they saying about you to their friends and family?
By getting real-time feedback, you will be able to find areas to improve,
connect with customers who had a poor experience, and automatically
gather positive reviews to share online. Check out some of the features
of our survey funnel software:
Designed for all businesses and professionals needing to listen to the customer's voice, reveal loyalty insights, offer promotions and drive growth.
Feedback funnel
Use smart routing logic to gather reviews, share online, and unlock special offers.
Custom design
Custom design
Edit your survey in seconds to fit your branding and style to fit your practice needs.
Link sharing
Share through email, your website, or on social media to gather feedback.
Track all of your feedback from one simple dashboard or export to Excel.
Review image generator
Review image generator
Automatically create shareable images from patient reviews to use online.
Practice growth
Practice growth
Find target areas to improve your operations and identify great employees.

Trusted globally by brands, big and small


Business Growth Driven by Analytics

Get powerful insights to create delightful customer experiences, boost loyalty and employee feedback.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Track your NPS to measure the loyalty of customers to your business.
5-Star Ratings
See what customers think about specific aspects of their experience, such as service quality.
Business Growth Driven by Analytics
Customer Comments
Encourages customers to leave specific feedback on their experience.
Follow up with specific customers that may need more attention or have questions.

How it works

Answers & insights from your audience, wherever they are.

Grolytics allows you to extend your brand's focus on people. It is very easy to only draw on personal experience without having this type of data. When you get real time customer feedback, you get to truly hone in on customer experience opportunities
Turn customers into loyal fans
Listen to each of your customers' voices, repair every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty. Grolytics gives you the power of listening and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your customers' experiences, and take the necessary actions that drive meaningful impact.
Get reliable insights fast and turn them into action
Our instant analytics help you make sense of the customer responses so you can make smarter, faster business decisions. Spend less time researching and take immediate action to improve your customer experience.


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  • Up to 1 survey
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  • Unlimited exports
  • Unlimited review images
  • Up to 1 survey
  • Up to 10 responses
  • Unlimited exports
  • Unlimited review images
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited exports
  • Unlimited review images

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